Sustainable Development

The Sustainable Development indicators and composite indexes are increasing in both importance and recognition levels and they are quickly becoming a powerful tool that is used for various purposes like policy making and public communication.

Omnia offers interdisciplinary and multistep procedures that identifie, predict and analyse the potential impacts and considerations that should be taken in account regarding any proposed development. The organisation's expertise in technology innovation, turnkey solutions and platforms development as well as strong research profile is a key to the successful implementation ofprojects.

OMNIA’s services directly related to the following ten (10) SDGs while indirectly promoting the enhancement of the rest seven (7).


Our team can provide services including among other:

5 Ways to Create an Innovative Tourism Experience

Innovative / Sustainable Tourism & Hospitality

Tourism innovation is defined as innovating in a cost-efficient manner by taking into account the available resources. Most of the focus on tourism innovation has been on developing countries while at the same time taking full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities


Sustainable Mobility / Transport

Developing sustainable transport approaches in the senses of social, environmental and climate impacts. Components for evaluating sustainability include the particular vehicles used for road, water or air transport; the source of energy; and the infrastructure used to accommodate the transport (roads, railways, airways, waterways, canals and terminals). Transport operations and logistics as well as transit-oriented development are also involved in evaluation


Circular Economy As A Way Of Increasing Efficiency In Organizations - The  Porto ProtocolCircular Economy

The organisation's solutions are based on strategies, practises, policies, and technologies to achieve principles related to reusing, recycling, redesigning, repurposing, remanufacturing, refurbishing, and recovering water, waste materials, and nutrients to preserve natural resources. It provides the necessary conditions to encourage economic and social actors to adopt strategies toward sustainability.


Smart Agriculture

Agribusinesses can now reorganise their operations in a targeted and methodological way. OMNIA provides the tools in order to create local value chains, improve their environmental profile, communicate the footprint of their products to consumers and strengthen their position in national and international markets. At the same time our organisation offers training and education services in new agro-methodologies such as permaculture, biological, organic, horticulture etc.


Low-energy building plan underway - Infrastructure MagazineZero Carbon / Low Energy Buildings

Our organisation provides consultancy for green/sustainable buildings. Such constructions maintain or improve: the quality of life and harmonize within the local climate, tradition, culture, the environment in the region, conserve energy, resources and recycling materials, the local and global ecosystem throughout the entire building life-cycle.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Providing informative platforms and strategic guidelines to organisations, and support them in embodying CSR in their core business development and operations, aiming to align profitability with sustainability and human resource satisfaction and efficiency.


10 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Entrepreneurship Journey - Blockchain for  connecting peopleEntrepreneurship and Business Development

Consulting, Leading and Managing people and organisations via economic models, taking into consideration the fundamental principles of sustainable development for financial prosperity including among others; Strategic Approaches and Marketing / Ethics and CSR / Communication & Negotiation / Market Research and Competitive Analysis / International Network Development


Big Data Mining and Analytics

Data is considered “the oil” of the 21st century, and analytics its combustion engine. Businesses and organisations are increasingly realising the high value of the information hidden in the mounds of data collected and stored. They are investing growing levels of resources to discover the insights hidden in their data through the application of data mining and analytics techniques. Businesses and organisations use such insights combined with business intelligence to detect changing preferences in customer behaviour, as well as other emerging trends, thereby increasing their competitive advantage and long-term sustainability. This is achieved by the organisation’s expertise in the sectors of Programming / Databases / Machine Learning / Human Computer Interaction / Mining & reporting


What is GIS? (Geographic Information System) - DigproGeo-Informatics (GIS) and Spatio-Temporal Analysis

Geo-informatics is the science and the technology which develops and uses information science infrastructure to address the problems of geography, cartography, geosciences and related branches of science and engineering by utilising geo-computation and geo-visualization for analysing geo-information. OMNIA can advise on the most appropriate sources and formats of GIS mapping data for a particular project. The data required for use in a typical GIS mapping data exercise may include; base mapping at different scales, aerial imagery, overlay data such as postcode boundaries or census data or specific data relevant to the project.


8 Ways Machine Learning Will Improve EducationInnovation in Education

Our close collaboration with academic and VET Institutions provides us the tools to develop new methodologies in the field of learning and education. Innovation in education is about more than new technology. It’s about solving a real problem in a fresh, simple way to promote equity and improve learning. Innovation in education comes in many forms. Programmes, services, processes, products and partnerships can all enhance education outcomes in innovative ways.


With the comprehensive package of services and experience provided, OMNIA can be a key partner in any sustainable development focused project.