OMNIA sustainable innovations hub, works with an established global network of partners to build the sustainable world of the present and the future. From its offices in Cyprus, OMNIA's multidisciplinary team provides and develops sustainable solutions and strategies through a range of services including consulting, research and cross-sector collaborations. OMNIA developed a vast global network with the necessary resources for the projects’ development and dissemination working together with many local and international organisations.

Our team specializes in the fields of Big Data Analytics, Spatial Temporal Analysis / GIS, Environmental Engineering, Transport, and Social Innovation. Visit the "Services" section for more information.

OMNIA utilizes its expertise to turn innovative ideas into qualitative project proposals for National and International caslls like Horizon2020, Interreg, Erasmus+, LIFE+ among others. Through our extensive network of synergies, OMNIA collaborates with the partners suitable for each specific project to ensure top quality end-results.



Mission | To develop as a recognised organisation in the field of strategic sustainable development by utilizing our the international network and developing collaborations regarding Educational, Research Private schemes of the European Union and abroad.

Vision | Provide smart strategic solutions and enhancing partnerships for a more inclusive and sustainable future



- Conduct high-level research in various fields and provide custom made solutions

- Encourage entrepreneurship, leadership, and societal change through innovation

- Enhance sustainable development in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

- Create education and training programs for a variety of partners and situations

- Develop smart innovative approaches in the sectors of tourism, agriculture and circular economy